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In my 15 minutes of silence today, I went back to my favorite beach in Belize. It was about 4 years ago that I was on a trip that I earned for doing my business – and our cruise ship stopped there, and on a very small island (only about 1000 feet by 500 feet) I snorkeled for the first time and sun bathed in the very warm, wonderful sun.

As I sat for 15 minutes even feeling the heat of the sun there at the equator on my skin, it literally felt like I was there! I also felt the sand under my feet as I walked to the water and then saw the beautiful bright yellow fish and light blue fish as I snorkeled in the warm water. Then as I came out of the very blue water, I felt the stones and rough places because I chose not to wear my flippers on my feet. (Couldn’t get those things to work right!) Then I went back and lay down on the beach and soaked the heat up again, and when I thought I better not get any more sun on my skin I moved under the coconut tree and wondered if the coconut I was looking up at would fall on me!

This is exactly what I did when I was there, and I vowed I would go back. So…I have been back in my creative mind, so I’ve sure before long I will be there again in that very spot enjoying the warmth of the sun!

Boy was I motivated when I got up from my 15 minutes of imaginative creativity! Instead of the ho hum attitude I often have about doing my business activities, I was motivated to go to it! Belize here I come!

In the past, the personal development things I’ve done have made a subtle impact on my life, because I seemed to be imprisoned by inertia. Almost as if I was behind bars when it came to implementing the new things I was learning. If I did take some steps to learn something, it often ended a few weeks later when I “forgot” about it and didn’t do anything more with it.

The underlying current of enthusiasm I have for the Master Key Master Mind Alliance has carried me past the time I would have normally become stagnant and stopped doing the “new thing”! I am creating a new blue print for myself with this progress beyond where I’ve stopped in the past, and am embracing this process fully! Somehow, I just KNEW this one would be different…I’ve participated in making it different, and it has liberated me to new achievement and skills I only wished I had before! I feel as if I’ve been let out of a prison that kept me where I was (which by the way wasn’t all that bad, but I really wanted more abundance and progress!)

What was the underlying current I felt? I feel that the underlying current was my true self responding to the true principles contained in the Master Key System. Principles always stand and will never lead us astray or disappoint us. I am SO grateful for the new potential I know I have because of being liberated from past inertia by true principles and true teachers!

My time of silence and thinking about nothing became something I didn’t know it would become today…I was succeeding at thinking about nothing (focusing on the middle of my forehead and nothing else) when I realized that my breathing had changed completely! Now what you have to know to appreciate this is that my breathing is a constant concern for me, because I have a habit of breathing very shallow and even forgetting to breathe. As I was sitting there thinking about nothing, suddenly realized that my breathing had become a very rhythmic, purposeful automatic thing with a very even time between breaths as well as it being much deeper than normal. There was no conscious effort on my part to make this happen; my body just did it! I have never done meditation of any kind, but in just this must be it! – I was in a state of no resistance to anything, no limiting anything, no judging anything… etc…. It was a wonderful experience for me to know that my body in its’ intelligence knows what to do when I give it the proper conditions. Funny enough, that’s what I teach to people when giving coaching about what people can do to empower their body to create its own wellness, but I had never employed the practice of meditation before. I believe the Master Key System Master Mind Alliance will not only help me with my business, but my health as well! Like we’re reading in scroll number one, principles always endure, and the body creating its own chi and health is what it innately wants to do. We just take away what restricts the flow, provide tools, and let the body create! I look forward to further experiencing the silence and its flow, and stepping into what the universe is creating for me!

As week two of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance starts, I am feeling exhilarated about the possibilities! I’m also very excited about a breakthrough I had this morning. I rewrote my DMP yesterday and it still didn’t seem like I’d gotten it right. So I went at it again this morning.

One of the activities we were to do this week (defining our PPN) yielded a break through for me that I have been unable to get in all of my other self development trainings I’ve done. (MANY-I’m sure I’ve spent over $25,000 on personal development!) A couple of years ago, I paid $5000 for a years’ coaching and development of marketing, but never availed myself of what I’d invested in because I was stuck since I didn’t know what my PPNs were!! Knowing my PPNs was crucial to me to be able to develop my brand with that training– and since I never could figure it out, I was stuck.

It’s only week number two of the MKMMA and I have something I never got with the other program I paid so much for! Admittedly, I also used a special resonance technique to get clarification, but without the guidance given to me by Mark and Davene I would not have had these results nor known what to even work with. I’m SO excited to have this clarity and know that it will make me
able to move forward to success unattained before!

Week 1 MKMMA: New Twist On ….

This week as I began my journey with the Master Key Master Mind Group, I realized integrity was meaning something more to me than it had in the past. I always held myself to high standards of integrity in my dealings with other people; sometimes even to the point of fault – that would keep me from sharing something that I knew was great, but I didn’t share it because it wasn’t “perfect” in my perception. However, I was somewhat careless in having integrity in the things that only affected myself.

My realization and my new perception of integrity goes back to the homework we did as part of the requirement to get into the Master Mind Alliance. World’s Laziest Networker (Mark J) told us to make a to-do list that was different than what we usually did. This list was to only have three things on it, and two of them were to be things we already KNEW we were going to do. The third one was something else we were committing to do. Why? Because this was our opportunity to train our subconscious mind that our to-do list wasn’t optional – it was going to get done! He WAS right – my to-do list was optional in my mind – and I hadn’t even realized it!! If I didn’t get it all done, I would just say to myself that I would do it tomorrow.

Fast forward to last night, when I still had some of the things I promised to do as a part of the MKMMA left undone, and it seemed that I was exceptionally tired. Since I had integrated the MKMMA activities into my to-do list, I began to go back to my old habit of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ but then came to a screeching halt when the to-do list exercise came to mind. This wasn’t just my old to-do list that I was talking about; this was something that I’d committed to do, and if I didn’t, I would be out of integrity. So I went and got a drink, had an energy shake, and with my newfound energy and purpose, I did the two things I had left!!! I also took my walk – something I’d promised myself I’d do.

Yes, I was in integrity then, with the people in my Master Mind Alliance – I had done what I said I’d do. But here’s the new twist, which will be very empowering to me in the future. Completing my list had also made me in integrity with MYSELF! My focus had always been on being in complete integrity with others – but as with my to-do list if there were things that seemed like they would only affect me and no one else, I would skim over them or not do them and never think anything about it!! That was not being in integrity to myself, nor was it building my self-esteem, my personal power or anything else. In order to be of service to others (which is my desire) then I must stay in integrity not just to others, but to myself foremost. Not only did I do the two things for the MKMMA, but I also took that walk! ( I love walking under the stars!) It was talking care of ME, and that I must do if I am to be of service to others. Thank you Mark J, for helping me find my brakes and clearing my vision! Integrity with myself – as well as with others – will go with me into the future.

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