This week as I began my journey with the Master Key Master Mind Group, I realized integrity was meaning something more to me than it had in the past. I always held myself to high standards of integrity in my dealings with other people; sometimes even to the point of fault – that would keep me from sharing something that I knew was great, but I didn’t share it because it wasn’t “perfect” in my perception. However, I was somewhat careless in having integrity in the things that only affected myself.

My realization and my new perception of integrity goes back to the homework we did as part of the requirement to get into the Master Mind Alliance. World’s Laziest Networker (Mark J) told us to make a to-do list that was different than what we usually did. This list was to only have three things on it, and two of them were to be things we already KNEW we were going to do. The third one was something else we were committing to do. Why? Because this was our opportunity to train our subconscious mind that our to-do list wasn’t optional – it was going to get done! He WAS right – my to-do list was optional in my mind – and I hadn’t even realized it!! If I didn’t get it all done, I would just say to myself that I would do it tomorrow.

Fast forward to last night, when I still had some of the things I promised to do as a part of the MKMMA left undone, and it seemed that I was exceptionally tired. Since I had integrated the MKMMA activities into my to-do list, I began to go back to my old habit of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ but then came to a screeching halt when the to-do list exercise came to mind. This wasn’t just my old to-do list that I was talking about; this was something that I’d committed to do, and if I didn’t, I would be out of integrity. So I went and got a drink, had an energy shake, and with my newfound energy and purpose, I did the two things I had left!!! I also took my walk – something I’d promised myself I’d do.

Yes, I was in integrity then, with the people in my Master Mind Alliance – I had done what I said I’d do. But here’s the new twist, which will be very empowering to me in the future. Completing my list had also made me in integrity with MYSELF! My focus had always been on being in complete integrity with others – but as with my to-do list if there were things that seemed like they would only affect me and no one else, I would skim over them or not do them and never think anything about it!! That was not being in integrity to myself, nor was it building my self-esteem, my personal power or anything else. In order to be of service to others (which is my desire) then I must stay in integrity not just to others, but to myself foremost. Not only did I do the two things for the MKMMA, but I also took that walk! ( I love walking under the stars!) It was talking care of ME, and that I must do if I am to be of service to others. Thank you Mark J, for helping me find my brakes and clearing my vision! Integrity with myself – as well as with others – will go with me into the future.