My time of silence and thinking about nothing became something I didn’t know it would become today…I was succeeding at thinking about nothing (focusing on the middle of my forehead and nothing else) when I realized that my breathing had changed completely! Now what you have to know to appreciate this is that my breathing is a constant concern for me, because I have a habit of breathing very shallow and even forgetting to breathe. As I was sitting there thinking about nothing, suddenly realized that my breathing had become a very rhythmic, purposeful automatic thing with a very even time between breaths as well as it being much deeper than normal. There was no conscious effort on my part to make this happen; my body just did it! I have never done meditation of any kind, but in just this must be it! – I was in a state of no resistance to anything, no limiting anything, no judging anything… etc…. It was a wonderful experience for me to know that my body in its’ intelligence knows what to do when I give it the proper conditions. Funny enough, that’s what I teach to people when giving coaching about what people can do to empower their body to create its own wellness, but I had never employed the practice of meditation before. I believe the Master Key System Master Mind Alliance will not only help me with my business, but my health as well! Like we’re reading in scroll number one, principles always endure, and the body creating its own chi and health is what it innately wants to do. We just take away what restricts the flow, provide tools, and let the body create! I look forward to further experiencing the silence and its flow, and stepping into what the universe is creating for me!