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This week as I worked & worked to get two month’s worth of bank statements balanced on two accounts, I was fed up with it and was really feeling how hard it was to take care of my money!

Then I realized that thinking it’s hard to take care of money is a belief that I had, and because I believed that it would take a lot of time to take care of money that’s exactly what I was getting. The way I’ve chosen to take care of my money supports it taking a lot of time. I still do it manually even though there are choices of software to make it easy for me, and I also complicate it drastically by subtracting everything out from my balance the moment I spend it…including what I spent on the credit card. It achieved my purpose of always knowing how much I had to spend (provided I did all the math right) but it has been a very laborious process to try to balance such a thing with all the different columns with balances out of the balance etc….

The light bulb went off in my head as to why I had been resisting an easier way to keep track of my finances. I thought it had to be hard and time consuming so I kept it that way!

Of course if it would be time consuming and a lot of work to have more money, why would I even what to have more – a lot of it??? I’d been setting myself up for more of the same not realizing my beliefs had me blind! (not wanting more money and spending a lot of time taking care of money and remaining closed to the software that would help me be at ease with taking care of my money!)

With the belief exposed and thrown out,  I have now been looking at software, and I have chosen one that fits the model of taking it out of the balance as soon as I spend it – it’s @ and I’m excited about spending less time for the same results. This will also let my conscious and subconscious minds know that it will be just fine to have more money! Mean time, after I get it set up I’ll have more time for other things. Thank you Mark & Davene for the process that has opened me up to having ease with money and more time!

Two hours before the MKMMA webinar for week 8, it hit me like a sudden light coming on that something I had lost was being restored to me through the process of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance! Davene then talked about that on the call, and even though I’d really had no doubt before that it was a result of the process we’re all in, it confirmed it even more.

I was setting up my health program for the week so it would be automatic, also thinking about the health review coming up next week and new process that I would be in with it in the following week. I knew that it would bring new changes and a new process…and I felt an enthusiasm and a feeling of ‘I can’t wait to see what next week’s new program will bring’ that reminded me very vividly of my grade school enthusiasm for learning and enthusiasm for what came next in life!

In just the last year or two, I’ve often felt a yearning for that enthusiasm – for the child-like ‘ I can’t wait to see what comes next’ attitude that I had during those years. You might remember — the sense of feeling like you couldn’t wait to see what was on the papers the teacher was handing out – what you were going to get to learn next!! I especially think of the fifth grade when I remember feeling this way.

As I was writing this, I just now realized that was also the year that I literally devoured every biography and autobiography I could get my hands on from the library in our fifth grade room. That year changed my life, because I read about what all those people had done to be successful.

I am so elated to have my old self back! The self that is enthused for what comes next in life and enthusiasm for learning again! As I write this I have tears in my eyes for what Mark J and Davene are giving me with this process. Such a GIFT! Thank you, Mark & Davene!!

This week has been a week of breaking through additional barriers – barriers that have been with me for a long time, blocking me from moving forward any more than just a little bit. You know, doing something…then not staying engaged with the process that would bring me further towards and into my success. I think it came from a place of not deserving, and not believing I could actually HAVE what I wanted. It was such a part of what I was that most of the time I didn’t even let myself know on a conscious level what it was I really wanted! Of course if you don’t know what you want, it’s for sure you will never get it! My subconscious mind participated in the ‘I could never have that’ mentality completely by making sure I didn’t follow through with very much of the many trainings and classes I began.

Enter the MKMMA with its scientific modalities that are moving me beyond where I’ve ever been! It’s very interesting how all the activities we do for the MKMMA are working together to not only make me feel I can acknowledge what I want, but I can also have reason to believe I can have them, and I even feel that I am deserving of them!

My home based business has been given new life, because the process of this Master Mind Alliance has given me not only hope of greater success, but has actually opened me up to setting intentions and goals for my business again.
Following through with what the assignment is for each week in the MKMMA is very empowering beyond words!

Today during my practice of focusing, I had a thrill when I realized that I was experiencing the same pulsing back and forth in the frontal lobes of my brain that I experienced when I was using the Holosync Technology! It was a thrill, because it told me that I was actually focusing enough that it was giving me the benefit of meditation! With the Holosync, I received the benefits of meditation without having to spend the time actually getting to the point of meditation and that was great. However, as I proceed from here, I will be very interested to experience more –
maybe what I missed by taking a short cut in meditation???! I’m not really sure, but I will find out! Will I be able to go deeper? I’m getting the sense that I am also going to be able to achieve actually visualizing in pictures! As of now, I’ve never been able to visualize, and I’ve always wanted and wanted and wanted to do that! I know visualization is very powerful for creating success. ..I’ve just never been able to do it. I’ve always wanted to be able to….will I be able to? I sure hope so! I’ll let you know!

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