This week as I worked & worked to get two month’s worth of bank statements balanced on two accounts, I was fed up with it and was really feeling how hard it was to take care of my money!

Then I realized that thinking it’s hard to take care of money is a belief that I had, and because I believed that it would take a lot of time to take care of money that’s exactly what I was getting. The way I’ve chosen to take care of my money supports it taking a lot of time. I still do it manually even though there are choices of software to make it easy for me, and I also complicate it drastically by subtracting everything out from my balance the moment I spend it…including what I spent on the credit card. It achieved my purpose of always knowing how much I had to spend (provided I did all the math right) but it has been a very laborious process to try to balance such a thing with all the different columns with balances out of the balance etc….

The light bulb went off in my head as to why I had been resisting an easier way to keep track of my finances. I thought it had to be hard and time consuming so I kept it that way!

Of course if it would be time consuming and a lot of work to have more money, why would I even what to have more – a lot of it??? I’d been setting myself up for more of the same not realizing my beliefs had me blind! (not wanting more money and spending a lot of time taking care of money and remaining closed to the software that would help me be at ease with taking care of my money!)

With the belief exposed and thrown out,  I have now been looking at software, and I have chosen one that fits the model of taking it out of the balance as soon as I spend it – it’s @ and I’m excited about spending less time for the same results. This will also let my conscious and subconscious minds know that it will be just fine to have more money! Mean time, after I get it set up I’ll have more time for other things. Thank you Mark & Davene for the process that has opened me up to having ease with money and more time!