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The Master Key Mastermind AllianceMKMMA – included us reading The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. It obviously went right into my subconscious mind with the special technique we used in reading it, because I “got it” so effectively that I’m now using it in my coaching!

It was a very cool thing today when I realized that what I’d been teaching to one of the people on my team yesterday was indeed a directly result of my being in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance!  My own personal growth and development has spilled over to another, and the result was very exciting!

The tip I gave:  When you are talking to a person who you hope will be interested in what you have to offer, say to them silently first:  “I love you”  master key mastermind allianceThe response of the one I was coaching after a bit was that it changed the way she felt completely!

Offering what she had felt so much more flowing and natural, knowing that because she loved them she was offering something to them.

Master Key master Mind AllianceLife really is all about offering as a gift to others what we are, and what we see as valuable for their benefit.  It feels wonderful to prospect from that place of caring for others!  That’s what I’ve always done, BUT I didn’t know that’s what others on my team were missing so I wasn’t teaching it (until now! )

It is also SO rewarding for me to realize that the MKMMA subconscious reprogramming has enhanced my coaching and leadership abilities in such a way that my team can be helped tremendously by it.  There is great GRATITUDE in my heart!

MKMMA Week 26: Began, Continued, Finished….To be Continued Because It Has Been So Rewarding!

subconscious reprogramming

When I was 20, just out of college with an associate degree, I had the opportunity to organize and participate in the Dale Carnegie Course. It was definitely a life changer – one that I’m very conscious had huge impact on my personal growth development and my success thus far in life. I have been forever grateful for the lasting results from that experience!
Now, as the Master Key Master Mind Alliance has ended, I realize that what I experienced here in the MKMMA was of that caliber and more. I say more, because the material, experiences, life changes and personal growth development were at a much, much deeper level. It has been a huge shift in everything in my thinking, BUT I don’t have to consciously think about it. The subconscious reprogramming that took place was amazing to me. The MKMMA impacted not only my conscious mind like the Dale Carnegie Course did, but also my subconscious mind and my automatic thinking and beliefs. subconscious reporgramming

This is so powerful, because it’s not just conscious thinking, conscious choices or conscious knowledge that I gained. The proven science utilized along with the exercises in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance made it a complete game changer. It’s like a switch flipped in a big way during week 24 or so. I had some great progress before that, but the feeling of the shift later was a culmination of all the subconscious reprogramming, I’m sure.
Now that the course is finished, I’m certainly not going to quit! The journey was so empowering that I’m going to continue doing the exercises and things I learned. This way, my personal growth development will expand and grow.
There is one question that keeps coming to my mind, and I am confident I know that answer – without a doubt. Here it is: Could I have read the Master Key and the text without the leadership and guidance of Mark J and Davene and gotten the same results? Absolutely, without a doubt, the answer is NO! Their leadership and the additions of the science to empower the subconscious reprogramming made the difference. I will be forever grateful to them for this experience! To get on the waiting list for the next MKMMA course, go here: Master Key 2011

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