I’m so excited to be starting the official Master Key Mastermind Alliance Course again! Although I still have the results of the first MKMMA Course (the changed habits, new belief in myself, subconscious reprogramming) I’m looking forward to going deeper. I became even more excited about starting again when I had an AHA moment while thinking of something that was said by Mark J in the preliminary videos on MKMMA.

Aha Moments in master Key Master Mind Alliance

He said that most people look at what they want, and then look at the available modalities & vehicles they have to accomplish that, and then they decide it’s hopeless. Then he said people who had the mindset that the Master Key System Haanel teaches decide what they want and know that everything they need to accomplish it is already available even if they can’t see it. They just have to let it in. Then I realized that’s exactly what had happened to me at the end of the last MKMMA I participated in! I had some goals….they weren’t something I could accomplish with what I had available, and the Universe brought me exactly what I needed to fulfill my goals – and I acted upon it!!! That’s SO huge, because part of the subconscious reprogramming I had experienced in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance Course was to take action when I should. I had allowed what I needed to come in, and then I acted upon it. Thank you…Thank you….Thank you!