The companion text to the Master Key we’re reading in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance is The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino. This is my second read, and this time through I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. The man who had been entrusted with the precious scrolls and who had become rich because of them had some particular things he was looking for in the person who would inherit these scrolls. The recipient wasn’t told what the requirements were; he had to uncover them for himself. There may be more than two, but following are the two I noticed.
The first ‘requirement’ was that the recipient would need to have a desire that was so strong that it would take him beyond any obstacle that presented itself in the process of him learning and doing whatever it would take to put the scrolls into practice. In this case, the young man had fallen in love and wouldn’t be able to marry his love if he wasn’t successful. Whenever he almost gave up, he thought of her and got up and went again. It was what allowed him to have the willpower to remember what his mentor told him to remember: “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” This reminded me of this video, in which a dramatic shift took  Lisa Nichols from failing, to succeeding beyond what she imagined!  In it, the phrase that changed her results was “Quitters never win, and Winners never quit.” It’s totally worth watching…it changed something inside of me.

Power of the Mind

Winners Never Quit

The second ‘requirement’ was that the recipient of these precious scrolls would have a heart for helping other people that surpassed their desire for wealth for themselves.  What a beautiful thing!  The Love in my heart answers that one so clearly; I know it is me.  Since my ‘why’ has become more clear that it has ever been, I know the understanding of the scrolls and applications of them is a sure thing. I am invested in this 100% and am so excited to proceed!