Research shows that at least ninety percent of our mental life is subconscious!   In The Master Key System Haanel wrote, it states: “If we fail to make use of this mental power, we live within very narrow limits.”   In reality, we have no choice whether we use the subconscious mind.  It runs our lives whether we want it to or not!  We’re either using it by default, or using it on purpose by programming it for what we want.  There is no other option. Most people have their subconscious mind working against them and are in dire need of subconscious mind reprogramming. It’s like there’s a game of tug o’ war between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Most people aren’t even aware this is happening.

Tug O' War in your Mind

Tug O' War between Subconscious and Conscious Mind


So how do we end the tug o’ war between what we want and what our subconscious mind thinks we deserve or can have?   The only way is to replace the erroneous beliefs in the subconscious mind by doing subconscious reprogramming.   The Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) helps with this subconscious reprogramming by giving us activities we can do that are linked to the way the brain works.   I also use this fast and easy technique almost daily to help me with my subconscious reprogramming.  It has literally changed the results in my life dramatically, and I’m so thrilled to be a walking result of subconscious reprogramming and using my subconscious mind On Purpose! Part of that process, of course, is to decide what is wanted.  Some may not really know what they want, because they haven’t allowed themselves to think about that, because they’re afraid they can’t have what they want.  In that case, try identifying what’s NOT wanted and then thinking about the opposite of that; it’s usually want IS wanted.  That’s where I started several years back, because I though didn’t really know what I wanted.  Really, I was just so afraid I couldn’t have it that I wouldn’t allow myself to identify it. Remember, to get what you want in life, you must put your order in!  You won’t get what you want delivered to your doorstep if you don’t put in your order!