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No words were necessary for this beautiful performance to inspire the child at 1:57 and 3:35 to climb higher!

I’ve always wanted to inspire greatness in others, because that’s what I aspired for in myself, and I’ve found pleasure there. I can live a life orchestrated by harmonious thoughts, and that life will be observed and will need no words to inspire another to climb higher! It reminded me of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA)…some began orchestrating their thoughts, and it has become a beautiful harmony. It is inspiring more and more people to climb higher with their thoughts, intents and actions! Thank you, Thank you!

There are universal laws of the mind, and I’ve found that when it’s a universal law I’d better pay attention! These laws are within the Master Key System written by Haanel. I’d never noticed it before….but after starting the ‘mental diet’, I realized that the way we regularly speak is totally against the first of the Seven Laws of the Mind. No wonder we haven’t gotten the results we want in our life in the past! Let me explain by way of giving an example. It’s very common to say something like; I’d love to live in Florida, BUT I’m not thinking it will ever happen, because my job is here. First of all, the word BUT cancels out what was just said. So the desire to live in Florida is cancelled, and the subconscious mind will not pay any attention to it. Secondly, the word BECAUSE reinforces what was just said. So it reinforced that you think it will never happen!
Universal Law Used Backward! Not what you want
Is that what you meant to say? Using the Universal Law of Substitution, you’ve just done some negative subconscious reprogramming! Let’s cancel that!
We can use the same words in a different order to be in harmony with the Law of Substitution, and it will help us have what we want. For example, we could say it like this: I’ve always thought it was an impossible dream for me to live in Florida, BUT ever since I started the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) it seems like it is a very likely thing that I will be living in Florida, because I love warm weather and I deserve to live where I love it! By saying it in that way, you’re letting your subconscious mind know what you want and reinforcing it with a reason that you believe you can have it. So…the subby will go to work on helping you get it!
To empower ourselves with the Law of Substitution, we can purpose to be aware of our thoughts. That’s step one. Then when we find ourselves thinking a negative thought, we can say BUT, ever since this happened, or that happened, I’ve started to believe that I could have that. Then you’re substituting the new thought for the old thought and retraining your subconscious mind! You can even add “because xxxxx” and reinforce the new thought! You could even repeat this several times to even more effectively accomplish the subconscious reprogramming needed.Repeat to Reprogram It takes practice, but it is so totally worth it, as you’ll see when the results start happening in your life!

Last week I wrote about feeling like making a dream board was such a chore – and not even allowing myself to do it in the past, because I couldn’t decide what I wanted. Why? Because if I didn’t get it, I would feel very disappointed, and I was afraid I couldn’t have the things I wanted. So the response in my mind seemed to be that I couldn’t decide what I wanted! I worked with myself my using this technique to overcome my fear, and then I became so excited to make my dream board!
Dream Board + Believe
Well, I did it! I spent some time one day making my dream board, and it was so fun! In the past, it was so hard to do. As a matter of fact, last time I was supposed to make one it didn’t get done. This time I was enjoying my time doing it, and by the end of the day I felt like I was on top of the world!
What changed my perception and experience of making my dream board? I eliminated fear. By eliminating my fear, I eliminated procrastination and simply did it! Happy Dance! Happy DanceI feel like I’ve had such a huge victory! Now I have my dream board to help program my subconscious mind for the things I really want, and it makes me feel great to look at it!

We live in a powerful universe – In a mental world that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.  It responds to our thoughts of what we desire or don’t desire in direct proportion to our faith.  Our faith in what we want must be strong enough to generate a current strong enough to bring what we’re thinking about to come to pass. 

To increase your faith in the universal power, you might want to read the Master Key System by Haanel.  My first time to read it was three years ago, and when I understood how the universal power works, I started to have more faith.  This in turn, made my success at manifesting what I want increase dramatically!  It gave me some of the subconscious reprogramming I needed for it to work as well. Dreams and believing make it happen!

Dreams and Believing Make it Happen!

I recently realized that my difficulty deciding what I want came from my lack of faith that I would get what I wanted.  My thought seemed to be this: If I allowed myself to really decide what I wanted and then didn’t get it, I would feel that everything was hopeless.  I didn’t want to feel hopeless, because that would be a terrible thing to feel.  So I’ve never allowed myself to really decide what I want. Now my faith has increased enough (helped along by the subconscious reprogramming I’ve been getting with the Master Key System by Haanel) that I believe I will allow myself to decide what I want, and even put it on a goal board!  Making a goal board should be fun, but it was always the most repulsive thing to me, because it was so hard.  Now as I think of doing a goal board, I feel an openness I haven’t felt before, a relaxation of possible enjoyment I haven’t felt before.  I even feel different about it than I did last week! So I’m excited to begin working on my goal board, and I know it’s because of the reading of the Master Key System and implementation of the exercises in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance that I’m feeling this way.  So excited to make my goal board this time! When I heard this song, I resonated with it in a new way; beautiful!

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