We live in a powerful universe – In a mental world that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.  It responds to our thoughts of what we desire or don’t desire in direct proportion to our faith.  Our faith in what we want must be strong enough to generate a current strong enough to bring what we’re thinking about to come to pass. 

To increase your faith in the universal power, you might want to read the Master Key System by Haanel.  My first time to read it was three years ago, and when I understood how the universal power works, I started to have more faith.  This in turn, made my success at manifesting what I want increase dramatically!  It gave me some of the subconscious reprogramming I needed for it to work as well. Dreams and believing make it happen!

Dreams and Believing Make it Happen!

I recently realized that my difficulty deciding what I want came from my lack of faith that I would get what I wanted.  My thought seemed to be this: If I allowed myself to really decide what I wanted and then didn’t get it, I would feel that everything was hopeless.  I didn’t want to feel hopeless, because that would be a terrible thing to feel.  So I’ve never allowed myself to really decide what I want. Now my faith has increased enough (helped along by the subconscious reprogramming I’ve been getting with the Master Key System by Haanel) that I believe I will allow myself to decide what I want, and even put it on a goal board!  Making a goal board should be fun, but it was always the most repulsive thing to me, because it was so hard.  Now as I think of doing a goal board, I feel an openness I haven’t felt before, a relaxation of possible enjoyment I haven’t felt before.  I even feel different about it than I did last week! So I’m excited to begin working on my goal board, and I know it’s because of the reading of the Master Key System and implementation of the exercises in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance that I’m feeling this way.  So excited to make my goal board this time! When I heard this song, I resonated with it in a new way; beautiful!