There are universal laws of the mind, and I’ve found that when it’s a universal law I’d better pay attention! These laws are within the Master Key System written by Haanel. I’d never noticed it before….but after starting the ‘mental diet’, I realized that the way we regularly speak is totally against the first of the Seven Laws of the Mind. No wonder we haven’t gotten the results we want in our life in the past! Let me explain by way of giving an example. It’s very common to say something like; I’d love to live in Florida, BUT I’m not thinking it will ever happen, because my job is here. First of all, the word BUT cancels out what was just said. So the desire to live in Florida is cancelled, and the subconscious mind will not pay any attention to it. Secondly, the word BECAUSE reinforces what was just said. So it reinforced that you think it will never happen!
Universal Law Used Backward! Not what you want
Is that what you meant to say? Using the Universal Law of Substitution, you’ve just done some negative subconscious reprogramming! Let’s cancel that!
We can use the same words in a different order to be in harmony with the Law of Substitution, and it will help us have what we want. For example, we could say it like this: I’ve always thought it was an impossible dream for me to live in Florida, BUT ever since I started the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) it seems like it is a very likely thing that I will be living in Florida, because I love warm weather and I deserve to live where I love it! By saying it in that way, you’re letting your subconscious mind know what you want and reinforcing it with a reason that you believe you can have it. So…the subby will go to work on helping you get it!
To empower ourselves with the Law of Substitution, we can purpose to be aware of our thoughts. That’s step one. Then when we find ourselves thinking a negative thought, we can say BUT, ever since this happened, or that happened, I’ve started to believe that I could have that. Then you’re substituting the new thought for the old thought and retraining your subconscious mind! You can even add “because xxxxx” and reinforce the new thought! You could even repeat this several times to even more effectively accomplish the subconscious reprogramming needed.Repeat to Reprogram It takes practice, but it is so totally worth it, as you’ll see when the results start happening in your life!