There is no meaning to anything except that which we give it. Two people can experience being stopped on the freeway when they are in a hurry to get somewhere; one will rant and rave about how terrible it is, and even berate other drivers; another will realize and affirm that the delay is putting them in perfect timing for something. The result of the experience is different for each person. The person who is knowing it is terrible that he got delayed will most likely have an unpleasant day awaiting him, missing appointments or not being able to get the things done he wanted to. The same experience for the other person, however, gives him perfect timing for his appointment, and he even meets someone whom he is excited to meet in the store by chance, and he wouldn’t have met them if the timing had been any different! This is an illustration of one of the laws of the universe – we get what we put out, AND WE CAN CHOOSE! It works like a boomerang.
We choose by how we respond to our surroundings. We can know what we are choosing and putting out by observing what is coming to us. If we don’t like it, we can change our thoughts and interpretations and get something different. We are powerful!