I had a session with a very good friend the other day. She is very intuitive and helped me realize a flaw in the way I’ve approached my days. I told her I haven’t been making progress like I want to be, and that when I went into my email all I got done before I ran out of time was getting rid of what I didn’t want.
She told me that instead of focusing on what I want to get rid of in my life, surroundings etc. that I need to be focusing on WHAT I CAN HAVE, and WHAT I CAN DO to have it. This reminded me of something I learned many years ago – that how we do one thing is how we do many things. My clarity about the way I was approaching my email helped me to see (when it was pointed out) that I was doing that same thing in most areas of my life!
My thoughts went to when I made presidents’ club several years ago. I looked at what I wanted, I “sold myself” on the idea and believed I could have it because of a certain circumstance, and then I decided what I could do to have it, and I got it!
That’s how I will be approaching my days from now on. What can I have? What can I do?