About seven years ago I took a three day seminar that opened my eyes to how powerful we all are.
During those three days, we affirmed to ourselves over and over in the mirror that we were amazing .
At the end of those three days, we were to write an affirmation for ourselves that we were going to be saying to ourselves every day in the mirror for all of the next year.
The affirmation I wrote for myself was exciting and is the most empowering thing I have ever come to realize about myself. I will share it with you a little later. To this day, I still have it memorized. After the year was completed, I stopped saying it at some point, and I’m not sure why. You’d think I would have continued saying it, because that year I earned the highest income I’ve ever earned in my business. Now as I focus more on looking at each day with intention to see what I can have and what I can do, I am recommitting to saying this affirmation. It changed my life and results then, and I’m sure it will do it now. Here it is: “I am powerful! I decide and get clear on what I want, and it is magnetized to me. I am AMAZING!” Because I’m wanting to train myself to remember to look for what I can have and what I can do, I may be saying it like this: “I am powerful! I decide and clear on what I want, can have, and can do, and it is magnetized to me! I am AMAZING!” To have every day be one that we are powerful, all we have to do is acknowledge that we are that powerful…saying it in the mirror to ourselves with enthusiasm helps our subconscious mind believe it too! I just gave you a gift – I hope you open it and use it!