The reading in the Master Key System from a couple weeks ago really came home to me again today. It said: “Knowledge does not apply itself; we as individuals must make the application, and the application consists of fertilizing the thought with a living purpose.”
As I read that again, I realized that’s exactly what I’m doing when I look each day to see what it is that I can have and can do…I’m applying what I know (I get what I focus on) to my daily life with a living purpose just like it says.
I see how I wasn’t really participating in it fully throughout my day before…and am excited that I am now! It sure was easy to fool myself into thinking I was doing everything I could do by following the instructions in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance. I realized though, that I was just living it in a compartmentalized way. I was just getting the lessons done, and not applying the principles as I lived the rest of my day. I love awareness. It gives me the opportunity of choosing to change…and that’s empowerment in itself!