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Moved to tears….and new purpose. Tears that will create world-changing ripples. A ripple never stops.

I’ve been riding in the cart, taking it easy, not getting where I’m capable of getting by being complacent. It’s easy. But is that what I want out of life? NO. This man’s story put a new appreciation to the word courage and commitment within me. What am I committed to? A life of ease or a life of helping others? A life of making excuses, or a life of commitment to helping others and making the difference in the world I came to make? My answer now is different. I’m committed to making the difference I came to make. No excuses, only determined action and love for others motivating me to be the change. I’ll be watching this video every few weeks. It’s in my planner to do it, so I’ll remember…..

Week 17 Insights on Water

Reblogged from Master Key Journey with Susan:

The reading in the Master Keys part 15 brought so many experiences from the past to life. As I ponder the exercise from the sit this week, based around “insight”, I remembered a particular lesson from massage school.
Keeping in mind, the results from this MKMMA course are based directly to the amount
of effort, participation and enthusiasm that…
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Wow! Considering I am made up of 60-70% water, what effect are my own words having within me? What a powerful thought!

In Og Mandino’s scroll Marked IV, he says that each one of us is nature’s greatest miracle, because there is no one else just like us, and we each have a responsibility to proclaim our uniqueness to the world. He even goes so far as to say we need to fan the flame of dissatisfaction with ourselves. That seems like a bizarre statement, doesn’t it? But no. He simply means that we each need to be ourselves. I need to be the best ME I can be…and get better and better at that every day!Best ME
The continual improvement I am seeking isn’t to be more like someone else. It is to be myself….even better. He even goes on to say a very powerful statement I am now embracing with full enthusiasm: “I will begin now to accent my differences and hide my similarities. I am a unique creature of nature. I am here to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand.”

Week 15 A New Twist On Giving

We are probably all familiar with the quote “Give and to you it shall be given.” It’s probably most commonly thought that giving physical and monetary things would be the fulfillment of this statement. However, I also have a new understanding of the depth of this statement that came from reading the Master Key System Haanel wrote. It says ” A person will eventually get exactly what he gives, but he will have to give it first.” That’s a curious statement if we’re thinking of physical things isn’t it? How can you give something you don’t have?

Here’s what it says we need to give: “The giving is a mental process, because thoughts are causes and conditions are effects; therefore in giving thoughts of courage,faith, inspiration, health or help of any kind we are setting causes in motion which will bring about their effect.” Well, that’s a lot easier to give isn’t it? We can give the right thoughts, and those will cause us to be given the things we are giving the right thoughts about! What if it doesn’t work? It will, every time. If it doesn’t, you’ve probably been thinking thoughts of fear or disbelief instead of faith. Then it’s still working, because it works for whatever you’re thinking about, whether its what you want or don’t want.

I’m thankful that because I’ve been training myself to be aware of what I’m thinking and can catch myself if I’m thinking about anything I don’t want….before it manifests. Saying “Cancel” comes in handy in those times of awareness. There are many more times of awareness of thinking about what I want, and in those times it’s very empowering to say “YESSSSSSSS!” to that. Saying it out loud with the extended s sound gives it a great feeling and helps even more for creation of that which you are thinking about.

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