It’s free, but it can’t be banked to use it later. We receive the same amount every day. We actually spend it even if we don’t decide how we’re going to spend it!!

TIME. We all have the same amount. We spend it every day whether we decide how we’re going to spend it or not. Yes, I repeated that, because it was such a big aha for me. Until I read our Master Key Master Mind Alliance lesson (scroll V) I was under the impression that it was safer to not make a decision than to make one and wish I’d done something different. If I didn’t know what to decide, it always seemed “safe” to just delay the decision. But with TIME, it’s the biggest losing game I’ve ever put myself into to delay or simply not make the decision of how I’m going to spend my time that day. Big Lightbulb! If I was an investor and I invested like I’ve often invested my time by default, I wouldn’t be happy with my results!
We were instructed on our Master Key Master Mind Alliance call to ask ourselves a question every day several times.
Here is the very valuable question:
What would the person I intend to become do next?
This question is changing my life. I’m engaging with the question, and making the decision in the moment. The results will become evident, and I no longer allow myself to believe the illusion that it’s safe to not decide. The only empowering thing is to decide in the moment – and I know I’ll love the results of the on-purpose investments of my time!