Today when I was reading my Master Key Master Mind Alliance reading, I ran across a phrase that reminded me of something I learned a few weeks ago. (That the only difference between the word passive and passion is ACTION!) If I get into action, passion can come! If I am lacking passion, I need to find the catalyst to get into action. What is the catalyst? Desire!
The sentence I read today said: “Desire is the strongest mode of action.” I’d never thought of desire as an action before! Have you?
It’s dawning on me as I write – why I seem to have quite a bit of non-action in my life (and lack of passion as a result). As a child with five children in our family, when I had a desire, I learned to squelch it, because I knew I really couldn’t have what I desired to have, because there wasn’t enough money.
Can't have it; no action
So squelching my desires became a habit. (This translated to squelching action in my life, because remember “Desire is the strongest mode of action.”) So as I write here, I’m getting very emotional – realizing what the cause of inaction in my life is. The cause is that I have squelched my desires from early in my life. This squelching of my desires results in squelching of action on an unconscious level, and squelching of action means no passion – because part of passion is action! Even the last part of the word passion has part of the word action because you can’t have passion without action. This moment of realization as I write is HUGE.
I know now what I need to do. I need to let myself experience every desire I’ve ever had. I will start from when I was a child and remember what I wanted. If there is any grief about not having it, I will experience it. Then I will write it down and experience that desire and visualize what I would have done to acquire it. Then I will experience having it in my visualization. This process will change the perception of desire in my subconscious mind, and bring me to today where I can allow my desires to come to the surface and then be empowered to act to change them into a passion that will bring fruition to my life.
The video below is what I watched that brought me to the place of writing this evolving realization that just now took me from ignoring my desires (inaction) to knowing how to get myself to know and act on my passion. I’m so grateful.