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In the Master Key Master Mind Alliance this week, our reading says that those who choose not to think become beasts of burden for those who do think. I’m sure none of us want to be a beast of burden. The beast of burden has no choice what he carries, how heavy the burden is made or the path he must walk.
 Beast of Burden by Default? Not Me!
It occurred to me that when I have felt like a victim of circumstances in the past – those were times when I didn’t know I could choose what I prefer…. with my thoughts. Something as simple as making a choice with my thoughts and believing I could have it that way, would have changed my experience!
The Master Key makes this very plain. It says ,“ Unless we are willing to think we shall have to work; the less we think the more we shall have to work, and the less we shall get for our work.” If we recognize the power we have in thought (that it hooks us up to the power in the universe so it works with us) then we can design our lives with our thoughts and feeling of believing we can have it. You know, there really is no reason we can’t have what we want, there is only abundance in this universe as it was created and as our thoughts are engaging with it now. Believe it, and you’ll have it, and with less work than you might imagine! Just be willing to do whatever it takes, but chances are, you won’t have to do everything you think you’ll have to do to have what you want, because you’re free from being the beast of burden; you’re conscious and designing with your thoughts instead!It's the Thought That Counts

There are universal laws of the mind, and I’ve found that when it’s a universal law I’d better pay attention! These laws are within the Master Key System written by Haanel. I’d never noticed it before….but after starting the ‘mental diet’, I realized that the way we regularly speak is totally against the first of the Seven Laws of the Mind. No wonder we haven’t gotten the results we want in our life in the past! Let me explain by way of giving an example. It’s very common to say something like; I’d love to live in Florida, BUT I’m not thinking it will ever happen, because my job is here. First of all, the word BUT cancels out what was just said. So the desire to live in Florida is cancelled, and the subconscious mind will not pay any attention to it. Secondly, the word BECAUSE reinforces what was just said. So it reinforced that you think it will never happen!
Universal Law Used Backward! Not what you want
Is that what you meant to say? Using the Universal Law of Substitution, you’ve just done some negative subconscious reprogramming! Let’s cancel that!
We can use the same words in a different order to be in harmony with the Law of Substitution, and it will help us have what we want. For example, we could say it like this: I’ve always thought it was an impossible dream for me to live in Florida, BUT ever since I started the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) it seems like it is a very likely thing that I will be living in Florida, because I love warm weather and I deserve to live where I love it! By saying it in that way, you’re letting your subconscious mind know what you want and reinforcing it with a reason that you believe you can have it. So…the subby will go to work on helping you get it!
To empower ourselves with the Law of Substitution, we can purpose to be aware of our thoughts. That’s step one. Then when we find ourselves thinking a negative thought, we can say BUT, ever since this happened, or that happened, I’ve started to believe that I could have that. Then you’re substituting the new thought for the old thought and retraining your subconscious mind! You can even add “because xxxxx” and reinforce the new thought! You could even repeat this several times to even more effectively accomplish the subconscious reprogramming needed.Repeat to Reprogram It takes practice, but it is so totally worth it, as you’ll see when the results start happening in your life!

Research shows that at least ninety percent of our mental life is subconscious!   In The Master Key System Haanel wrote, it states: “If we fail to make use of this mental power, we live within very narrow limits.”   In reality, we have no choice whether we use the subconscious mind.  It runs our lives whether we want it to or not!  We’re either using it by default, or using it on purpose by programming it for what we want.  There is no other option. Most people have their subconscious mind working against them and are in dire need of subconscious mind reprogramming. It’s like there’s a game of tug o’ war between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Most people aren’t even aware this is happening.

Tug O' War in your Mind

Tug O' War between Subconscious and Conscious Mind


So how do we end the tug o’ war between what we want and what our subconscious mind thinks we deserve or can have?   The only way is to replace the erroneous beliefs in the subconscious mind by doing subconscious reprogramming.   The Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) helps with this subconscious reprogramming by giving us activities we can do that are linked to the way the brain works.   I also use this fast and easy technique almost daily to help me with my subconscious reprogramming.  It has literally changed the results in my life dramatically, and I’m so thrilled to be a walking result of subconscious reprogramming and using my subconscious mind On Purpose! Part of that process, of course, is to decide what is wanted.  Some may not really know what they want, because they haven’t allowed themselves to think about that, because they’re afraid they can’t have what they want.  In that case, try identifying what’s NOT wanted and then thinking about the opposite of that; it’s usually want IS wanted.  That’s where I started several years back, because I though didn’t really know what I wanted.  Really, I was just so afraid I couldn’t have it that I wouldn’t allow myself to identify it. Remember, to get what you want in life, you must put your order in!  You won’t get what you want delivered to your doorstep if you don’t put in your order!



The first step to changing a habit is to be aware that something you’re doing IS a habit that might not be serving you. Sometimes the most terrible thing about a habit is that there is lack of awareness that it’s even affecting your life in a way that you’d rather it didn’t. When you’re habits are running you, it can cause you to run on the same track of failure or substandard conditions in your life over and over and OVER.



We could think that a habit can’t really be all that bad, but as it says in scroll one of the Greatest Salesman in the World written by Og Mandino, “In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits. Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.” It goes on to say that all men and women are slaves to their habits, and that our bad habits have already marked out a path which threatens to imprison our future. Then, “Therefore, if I must be a slave to habit, let me be a slave to good habits.” But how are we supposed to accomplish the feat of changing our habits? We need to choose a new habit to REPLACE the habit we want to release and let go of – one that we know will be key to our success, and practice it every day 3 times per day for 30 days (and beyond) until it is a habit and some subconscious reprogramming has taken place! To believe we can commit to something that ‘big’ we might need to accomplish it first in another way that isn’t directly related to our success. I suggest reading the book by OG Mandino and following exactly his instructions of reading. This will give you the confidence you need to allow yourself to become aware of habits that might not be serving you, and the confidence to select a habit to REPLACE with a new habit and do it. Let me tell you, it is so totally worth it! For encouragement, please feel free to subscribe to my blog on the right, so you can have the support you need to continue what you are inspired to think you want to do now. Take my hand and come on the journey…my hand is reaching out to yours…..My Hand Reaching out to yours

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