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I had a session with a very good friend the other day. She is very intuitive and helped me realize a flaw in the way I’ve approached my days. I told her I haven’t been making progress like I want to be, and that when I went into my email all I got done before I ran out of time was getting rid of what I didn’t want.
She told me that instead of focusing on what I want to get rid of in my life, surroundings etc. that I need to be focusing on WHAT I CAN HAVE, and WHAT I CAN DO to have it. This reminded me of something I learned many years ago – that how we do one thing is how we do many things. My clarity about the way I was approaching my email helped me to see (when it was pointed out) that I was doing that same thing in most areas of my life!
My thoughts went to when I made presidents’ club several years ago. I looked at what I wanted, I “sold myself” on the idea and believed I could have it because of a certain circumstance, and then I decided what I could do to have it, and I got it!
That’s how I will be approaching my days from now on. What can I have? What can I do?

There is no meaning to anything except that which we give it. Two people can experience being stopped on the freeway when they are in a hurry to get somewhere; one will rant and rave about how terrible it is, and even berate other drivers; another will realize and affirm that the delay is putting them in perfect timing for something. The result of the experience is different for each person. The person who is knowing it is terrible that he got delayed will most likely have an unpleasant day awaiting him, missing appointments or not being able to get the things done he wanted to. The same experience for the other person, however, gives him perfect timing for his appointment, and he even meets someone whom he is excited to meet in the store by chance, and he wouldn’t have met them if the timing had been any different! This is an illustration of one of the laws of the universe – we get what we put out, AND WE CAN CHOOSE! It works like a boomerang.
We choose by how we respond to our surroundings. We can know what we are choosing and putting out by observing what is coming to us. If we don’t like it, we can change our thoughts and interpretations and get something different. We are powerful!

Celebrating! This week’s reading in the Master Key System Haanel wrote brings home some real progress I’ve made, and I’m Celebrating that progress! Let me tell you about it, and you can also know how to have the results to celebrate for yourself too!

In Week 10 of our reading, Haanel writes: “The ordinary man has no definite knowledge that nothing happens without a cause, and thinks chiefly to justify himself when things go wrong. If he fails as a businessman, he says that luck is against him. If he is a poor office man, he says that he could succeed better at some outdoor work. Instead of thinking his problem through to the end, he seeks to console himself with explanations and excuses. He thinks only in self defense.” That used to be me! This is my second time through the MKMMA Master Mind Alliance, and I know that the first time through brought me out of this self-defeating way of acting. Haanel goes on to say, “ On the contrary, the man who understands that there is no effect without an adequate cause thinks impersonally. He gets down to bedrock facts regardless of consequences. He is free to follow the trail of truth wherever it may lead. He sees the issue clear to the end.”

When something doesn’t go like we would like it to, it’s easy for us to cover our eyes and make excuses instead of looking with our eyes wide open to see what the cause of this thing was. It’s easier to justify ourselves and make excuses, because we just might find out that we’re the cause, and we think that would make us feel bad. Nothing could be farther from the truth, as long as we are willing to choose what will give us different results when we figure it out. It takes guts to admit that the cause was squarely in our corner because of our own thoughts and/or actions. I used to do that; then I chose to empower myself!
Instead of figuratively putting my hands over my eyes so I can’t see how I created a circumstance, I look with my eyes wide open!
When I see that I was the one that caused something I didn’t want, I feel empowered. That’s quite different than what I once thought I would feel if I looked and saw that I was the one who created problem. When we follow the trail of truth instead of covering our eyes, we have a choice. Having a choice and knowing we can affect our own life results is very liberating….because without it there is only a feeling of helplessness. Somehow, when I used to have my hands over my eyes, I must have thought helplessness was more desireable than what I would get if I looked. Now I’ve found that choice is empowerment and beats helplessness hands down! The key to feeling empowered is to understand the information in the Master Key System. I feel so blessed to understand!

No words were necessary for this beautiful performance to inspire the child at 1:57 and 3:35 to climb higher!

I’ve always wanted to inspire greatness in others, because that’s what I aspired for in myself, and I’ve found pleasure there. I can live a life orchestrated by harmonious thoughts, and that life will be observed and will need no words to inspire another to climb higher! It reminded me of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA)…some began orchestrating their thoughts, and it has become a beautiful harmony. It is inspiring more and more people to climb higher with their thoughts, intents and actions! Thank you, Thank you!

We live in a powerful universe – In a mental world that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.  It responds to our thoughts of what we desire or don’t desire in direct proportion to our faith.  Our faith in what we want must be strong enough to generate a current strong enough to bring what we’re thinking about to come to pass. 

To increase your faith in the universal power, you might want to read the Master Key System by Haanel.  My first time to read it was three years ago, and when I understood how the universal power works, I started to have more faith.  This in turn, made my success at manifesting what I want increase dramatically!  It gave me some of the subconscious reprogramming I needed for it to work as well. Dreams and believing make it happen!

Dreams and Believing Make it Happen!

I recently realized that my difficulty deciding what I want came from my lack of faith that I would get what I wanted.  My thought seemed to be this: If I allowed myself to really decide what I wanted and then didn’t get it, I would feel that everything was hopeless.  I didn’t want to feel hopeless, because that would be a terrible thing to feel.  So I’ve never allowed myself to really decide what I want. Now my faith has increased enough (helped along by the subconscious reprogramming I’ve been getting with the Master Key System by Haanel) that I believe I will allow myself to decide what I want, and even put it on a goal board!  Making a goal board should be fun, but it was always the most repulsive thing to me, because it was so hard.  Now as I think of doing a goal board, I feel an openness I haven’t felt before, a relaxation of possible enjoyment I haven’t felt before.  I even feel different about it than I did last week! So I’m excited to begin working on my goal board, and I know it’s because of the reading of the Master Key System and implementation of the exercises in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance that I’m feeling this way.  So excited to make my goal board this time! When I heard this song, I resonated with it in a new way; beautiful!

The companion text to the Master Key we’re reading in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance is The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino. This is my second read, and this time through I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. The man who had been entrusted with the precious scrolls and who had become rich because of them had some particular things he was looking for in the person who would inherit these scrolls. The recipient wasn’t told what the requirements were; he had to uncover them for himself. There may be more than two, but following are the two I noticed.
The first ‘requirement’ was that the recipient would need to have a desire that was so strong that it would take him beyond any obstacle that presented itself in the process of him learning and doing whatever it would take to put the scrolls into practice. In this case, the young man had fallen in love and wouldn’t be able to marry his love if he wasn’t successful. Whenever he almost gave up, he thought of her and got up and went again. It was what allowed him to have the willpower to remember what his mentor told him to remember: “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” This reminded me of this video, in which a dramatic shift took  Lisa Nichols from failing, to succeeding beyond what she imagined!  In it, the phrase that changed her results was “Quitters never win, and Winners never quit.” It’s totally worth watching…it changed something inside of me.

Power of the Mind

Winners Never Quit

The second ‘requirement’ was that the recipient of these precious scrolls would have a heart for helping other people that surpassed their desire for wealth for themselves.  What a beautiful thing!  The Love in my heart answers that one so clearly; I know it is me.  Since my ‘why’ has become more clear that it has ever been, I know the understanding of the scrolls and applications of them is a sure thing. I am invested in this 100% and am so excited to proceed!




Week 1 Here We Go Again!

I’m so excited to be starting the official Master Key Mastermind Alliance Course again! Although I still have the results of the first MKMMA Course (the changed habits, new belief in myself, subconscious reprogramming) I’m looking forward to going deeper. I became even more excited about starting again when I had an AHA moment while thinking of something that was said by Mark J in the preliminary videos on MKMMA.

Aha Moments in master Key Master Mind Alliance

He said that most people look at what they want, and then look at the available modalities & vehicles they have to accomplish that, and then they decide it’s hopeless. Then he said people who had the mindset that the Master Key System Haanel teaches decide what they want and know that everything they need to accomplish it is already available even if they can’t see it. They just have to let it in. Then I realized that’s exactly what had happened to me at the end of the last MKMMA I participated in! I had some goals….they weren’t something I could accomplish with what I had available, and the Universe brought me exactly what I needed to fulfill my goals – and I acted upon it!!! That’s SO huge, because part of the subconscious reprogramming I had experienced in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance Course was to take action when I should. I had allowed what I needed to come in, and then I acted upon it. Thank you…Thank you….Thank you!

Easier than EFT – Something Bothering You? Clear it out!

Use This Over and Over and Over As You Go Through Life…It’s an Invaluable Tool.

This opened me up for more miracles this morning, and I wanted to share with you! This is part of personal growth development, and many times what we need to get us in the flow doesn’t take long! Enjoy the video below…

Let your Success in!

At the end of my last post, I explained how I inherently knew how to use the power of thought as a child and exactly how I used it. Since I wrote that, I’ve wondered – why did I forget it? Why didn’t I continue to use it? Then I began to remember some of the feelings I had after getting what I wanted. My understanding of this is now creating a HUGE SHIFT for me!!!!!!
When I would succeed again at getting the gift I wanted or winning the game as I wanted– here’s how I remember feeling: GUILTY!  Power of Thought, MKMMA



Guilty because I got just what I wanted, and I should not always get what I wanted. I don’t know where I got that, unless I was told I didn’t always need to have what I wanted… So then I felt undeserving of having what I wanted.
Here is what made me ‘forget’ the power of thought: Here I am now, as an adult,understanding what then took place. Of course I didn’t want to feel guilty, so to take care of that problem I probably decided that I simply couldn’t have what I wanted. Also, when I felt undeserving of having what I wanted, and guilty because I was getting it, I must have subconsciously decided to stop using the power of thought! I didn’t know I decided not to use it, I just did. How did I do that? Just now, I realized that I decided not to think about what I wanted—not to know even what I wanted – not choose what I wanted. I had to protect myself from getting what I wanted, and that did the trick! This explains to me WHY even to t his day it has been a huge struggle for me to decide what I want!! Tears are coming to my eyes now even as I write, because I am unlocking the padlock from my own prison cell of not knowing what I want :*)!!

Power of thought MKMMA

OK, so here it is. It is safe for me to want something and choose it, because as opposed to being guilty when I create the life I want, I am a full-functioning prosperous person in society with a heart that cares for others.Power of Thought, Master Key System
I can care more for others and help them when I’m prosperous and have those things I want and enjoy…overflowing to others. Also, I’m deserving of it, because I am just as important and deserving as any other person on this planet. So right here, and now, I’m giving myself permission to use the power of thought again with the flow of being connected with all-that-is and allowing what I choose to come in to me.

To become truly free of those inaccurate thoughts I formed as a child, I’m going to use the Master Resonance TechniqueTM to clear those things out and reinforce these empowering understandings of the power of thought into my subconscious mind. WHEW! Huge Shift! Thank you Master Key Master Mind Alliance!

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