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Week 14: Present or NOT Present–Harmony Redefined

This week we were to meditate on harmony during our 15 minutes of quiet time. I found it very enjoyable and even enlightening.

I have always enjoyed good harmony in singing & music, being able to recognize when there was perfect harmony and when there wasn’t. However, I’d never really thought about what makes the harmony besides the fact that the notes are on the musical scale in just the right place. In addition to that, the harmony is possible because sometimes some notes are not being played or sung, and sometimes because they are. If a note is present when it should not be, there definitely is a lack of harmony.

Sometimes I could look at my life and think about what I want it to be like, and think “where is that thing? Why isn’t it manifesting?” Even as it is NOT present at this time it is for the purpose of having the harmony for this moment. If that note was ‘dropped in’ at this time and I wasn’t a ‘match’ for it at this time, there would be a lack of harmony. The universe knows how to create harmony. We must become a ‘match’ to what it is we want so we can allow it in. This includes taking the notes that don’t match (thoughts & beliefs that don’t match) out of our life – then the universe drops the desired note in when we are aligned with IT.

I love the thought the universe is just waiting there to drop each of my desired ‘notes’ into my life! It’s almost as if the notes are hovering there because I’ve desired them. I’m certainly glad for the reprogramming and exercises of the Master Key System that is taking away some ‘notes’ so each of my desires can be dropped in. I know I can trust the universe to ‘drop those notes in’ when it will be the perfect timing – perfect harmony for my life.

In the every day world as we know it, we exchange money for goods and services we need. Thinking about how this works also can help me understand how the universe works with regard to manifesting what it is that we want.

It could be said that the currency of the universe is our words, because we get what we talk about, which is why it is very important to speak about those things we appreciate and are grateful for in our lives. However, we don’t have to speak words for the universe to respond to that and interpret that as our desire. Our thoughts by themselves are enough to dip into the creative juices of the universe and activate it to send what we have thought about to us.

We all use the same currency whether we know it or not. Our thoughts are the currency of the universe, and it begins to send to us what we think about.

In the every day world as we know it, we often order something – we pay for it; then it is shipped to us. It is also the same with our thoughts. We send our thought as the payment and the universe begins to send that thing that we thought about to us. Not only is it sending it, it is also already ours. We have already paid for it with our thoughts. All we have to do when it comes is open the door and bring it in, or let it in.

Understanding that it is already mine when I pay with my thoughts has increased my faith, thereby putting me at the place of expecting and readiness to let it in when what I’ve ordered comes! Sometimes what we order comes within a few seconds. That’s why I appreciate the ‘mental diet’ – I like more of the things that arrive moment by moment! Some of the things are being ‘shipped’ from farther away so it is taking a bit longer for them to arrive, and that’s ok. They’re still mine.

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