In last week’s Master Key lesson in section 10 it said: In order to possess vitality, thought must be impregnated with love.

When I read this it was like a light shining on what I’d been told many times. I’d heard that when people do what they love the money follows, but I didn’t know there was science behind it! I just thought it was one of those things that happened for many people. So I just focused on doing what I knew would keep bringing in the money and not necessarily those things I loved to do.

I was also holding myself back from thinking about what I truly wanted, because maybe I couldn’t have them – But knowing the law of the universe is freeing me to Choose thoughts about what I want – those things that I love – and that will empower that thought and give it vitality, plain & simple. Sending the thought out from my heart with love – releasing it to the universe will empower it to manifest in my life. I’m affirming that I am getting better and better at thinking about what I love that I want in my life.
This is liberating, because now instead of only focusing on what will bring in the money I can focus also on doing what I love.