In my 15 minutes of silence today, I went back to my favorite beach in Belize. It was about 4 years ago that I was on a trip that I earned for doing my business – and our cruise ship stopped there, and on a very small island (only about 1000 feet by 500 feet) I snorkeled for the first time and sun bathed in the very warm, wonderful sun.

As I sat for 15 minutes even feeling the heat of the sun there at the equator on my skin, it literally felt like I was there! I also felt the sand under my feet as I walked to the water and then saw the beautiful bright yellow fish and light blue fish as I snorkeled in the warm water. Then as I came out of the very blue water, I felt the stones and rough places because I chose not to wear my flippers on my feet. (Couldn’t get those things to work right!) Then I went back and lay down on the beach and soaked the heat up again, and when I thought I better not get any more sun on my skin I moved under the coconut tree and wondered if the coconut I was looking up at would fall on me!

This is exactly what I did when I was there, and I vowed I would go back. So…I have been back in my creative mind, so I’ve sure before long I will be there again in that very spot enjoying the warmth of the sun!

Boy was I motivated when I got up from my 15 minutes of imaginative creativity! Instead of the ho hum attitude I often have about doing my business activities, I was motivated to go to it! Belize here I come!