Two hours before the MKMMA webinar for week 8, it hit me like a sudden light coming on that something I had lost was being restored to me through the process of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance! Davene then talked about that on the call, and even though I’d really had no doubt before that it was a result of the process we’re all in, it confirmed it even more.

I was setting up my health program for the week so it would be automatic, also thinking about the health review coming up next week and new process that I would be in with it in the following week. I knew that it would bring new changes and a new process…and I felt an enthusiasm and a feeling of ‘I can’t wait to see what next week’s new program will bring’ that reminded me very vividly of my grade school enthusiasm for learning and enthusiasm for what came next in life!

In just the last year or two, I’ve often felt a yearning for that enthusiasm – for the child-like ‘ I can’t wait to see what comes next’ attitude that I had during those years. You might remember — the sense of feeling like you couldn’t wait to see what was on the papers the teacher was handing out – what you were going to get to learn next!! I especially think of the fifth grade when I remember feeling this way.

As I was writing this, I just now realized that was also the year that I literally devoured every biography and autobiography I could get my hands on from the library in our fifth grade room. That year changed my life, because I read about what all those people had done to be successful.

I am so elated to have my old self back! The self that is enthused for what comes next in life and enthusiasm for learning again! As I write this I have tears in my eyes for what Mark J and Davene are giving me with this process. Such a GIFT! Thank you, Mark & Davene!!