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MKMMA Week 10: The Magic of Focus!

Would you call it magic if you had your Home based Business taxes as done as they could be and it was only December 1 of that year? I call it magic, and that’s what I’ve accomplished!

In the Master Key we learned that focus and concentration imperative for every person who wants to be successful.

We’ve been learning focus in our daily Master Key Master Mind Alliance exercises we’re doing, and I’m happy to say it has carried over into other parts of my days in a most wonderful way! What’s interesting is that I’m not choosing with my mind to be focused and then doing it, I’m being focused and Then noticing that it’s happening!

It’s only week 10…I can’t wait to see what other almost automatic changes happen in my life. I’m beginning to understand what Mark J said about having more time because we’re investing our time in doing the MKMMA activities!

This week has been a week of breaking through additional barriers – barriers that have been with me for a long time, blocking me from moving forward any more than just a little bit. You know, doing something…then not staying engaged with the process that would bring me further towards and into my success. I think it came from a place of not deserving, and not believing I could actually HAVE what I wanted. It was such a part of what I was that most of the time I didn’t even let myself know on a conscious level what it was I really wanted! Of course if you don’t know what you want, it’s for sure you will never get it! My subconscious mind participated in the ‘I could never have that’ mentality completely by making sure I didn’t follow through with very much of the many trainings and classes I began.

Enter the MKMMA with its scientific modalities that are moving me beyond where I’ve ever been! It’s very interesting how all the activities we do for the MKMMA are working together to not only make me feel I can acknowledge what I want, but I can also have reason to believe I can have them, and I even feel that I am deserving of them!

My home based business has been given new life, because the process of this Master Mind Alliance has given me not only hope of greater success, but has actually opened me up to setting intentions and goals for my business again.
Following through with what the assignment is for each week in the MKMMA is very empowering beyond words!

In the past, the personal development things I’ve done have made a subtle impact on my life, because I seemed to be imprisoned by inertia. Almost as if I was behind bars when it came to implementing the new things I was learning. If I did take some steps to learn something, it often ended a few weeks later when I “forgot” about it and didn’t do anything more with it.

The underlying current of enthusiasm I have for the Master Key Master Mind Alliance has carried me past the time I would have normally become stagnant and stopped doing the “new thing”! I am creating a new blue print for myself with this progress beyond where I’ve stopped in the past, and am embracing this process fully! Somehow, I just KNEW this one would be different…I’ve participated in making it different, and it has liberated me to new achievement and skills I only wished I had before! I feel as if I’ve been let out of a prison that kept me where I was (which by the way wasn’t all that bad, but I really wanted more abundance and progress!)

What was the underlying current I felt? I feel that the underlying current was my true self responding to the true principles contained in the Master Key System. Principles always stand and will never lead us astray or disappoint us. I am SO grateful for the new potential I know I have because of being liberated from past inertia by true principles and true teachers!

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