MKMMA Week 24

Have you ever gotten a raisin cookie that you thought was a chocolate chip cookie? Bleh! It might as well have been a green nasty cookie! law of attraction tips, laws of the mind
This week I was thinking again of the laws of the mind, particularly the law of substitution. Have you noticed how similar a raisin cookie looks to a chocolate chip cookie? The dough is about the same, and the color of the blobs in the cookie are about the same, but it tastes completely different!
How does this relate to laws of the mind? Well, have you ever noticed how you can ‘know you’re thinking of what you want….but low and behold you realize that you’re really thinking about what you DON’T want? I remember hoping I wouldn’t get a raisin cookie, and then getting a raisin cookie. I thought I was thinking I wanted a chocolate chip cookie, but instead I was focusing on the raisin cookie. Yes, I was thinking of not wanting it, but because I was thinking of it that’s what I got. Awareness of what I was thinking about would have given me the opportunity to use the law of substitution, but back then I didn’t know it.laws of the mind, law of attraction tips
This is a very useful law of attraction tip! Our subconscious mind pays no attention to whether we want what we’re thinking about or not. It simply puts into action the attraction of what we’re thinking of, whether we want it or not. Our subconscious mind does not notice any negative words – words like don’t, can’t—it simply knows we’re thinking of something and begins to do what it takes to include it in our experience.
Why did I get a raisin cookie? Because I was afraid I’d get one! In that instance, if I had known the laws of the mind I could have used the law of substitution. With awareness that I didn’t want a raisin cookie and I was thinking about not wanting it, I could have chosen in that moment to substitute the thought of wanting a chocolate chip cookie. Then I would have been attracted to choosing the right cookie – the chocolate chip one! We can use this law of attraction tip in creating our every day experience if we remember to notice when we are thinking of what we don’t want and then substitute what we do want to experience into our thought so that we can have that. I have proven this MANY times since becoming aware and thinking only about what I want!