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The Master Key Mastermind AllianceMKMMA – included us reading The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. It obviously went right into my subconscious mind with the special technique we used in reading it, because I “got it” so effectively that I’m now using it in my coaching!

It was a very cool thing today when I realized that what I’d been teaching to one of the people on my team yesterday was indeed a directly result of my being in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance!  My own personal growth and development has spilled over to another, and the result was very exciting!

The tip I gave:  When you are talking to a person who you hope will be interested in what you have to offer, say to them silently first:  “I love you”  master key mastermind allianceThe response of the one I was coaching after a bit was that it changed the way she felt completely!

Offering what she had felt so much more flowing and natural, knowing that because she loved them she was offering something to them.

Master Key master Mind AllianceLife really is all about offering as a gift to others what we are, and what we see as valuable for their benefit.  It feels wonderful to prospect from that place of caring for others!  That’s what I’ve always done, BUT I didn’t know that’s what others on my team were missing so I wasn’t teaching it (until now! )

It is also SO rewarding for me to realize that the MKMMA subconscious reprogramming has enhanced my coaching and leadership abilities in such a way that my team can be helped tremendously by it.  There is great GRATITUDE in my heart!

At the end of my last post, I explained how I inherently knew how to use the power of thought as a child and exactly how I used it. Since I wrote that, I’ve wondered – why did I forget it? Why didn’t I continue to use it? Then I began to remember some of the feelings I had after getting what I wanted. My understanding of this is now creating a HUGE SHIFT for me!!!!!!
When I would succeed again at getting the gift I wanted or winning the game as I wanted– here’s how I remember feeling: GUILTY!  Power of Thought, MKMMA



Guilty because I got just what I wanted, and I should not always get what I wanted. I don’t know where I got that, unless I was told I didn’t always need to have what I wanted… So then I felt undeserving of having what I wanted.
Here is what made me ‘forget’ the power of thought: Here I am now, as an adult,understanding what then took place. Of course I didn’t want to feel guilty, so to take care of that problem I probably decided that I simply couldn’t have what I wanted. Also, when I felt undeserving of having what I wanted, and guilty because I was getting it, I must have subconsciously decided to stop using the power of thought! I didn’t know I decided not to use it, I just did. How did I do that? Just now, I realized that I decided not to think about what I wanted—not to know even what I wanted – not choose what I wanted. I had to protect myself from getting what I wanted, and that did the trick! This explains to me WHY even to t his day it has been a huge struggle for me to decide what I want!! Tears are coming to my eyes now even as I write, because I am unlocking the padlock from my own prison cell of not knowing what I want :*)!!

Power of thought MKMMA

OK, so here it is. It is safe for me to want something and choose it, because as opposed to being guilty when I create the life I want, I am a full-functioning prosperous person in society with a heart that cares for others.Power of Thought, Master Key System
I can care more for others and help them when I’m prosperous and have those things I want and enjoy…overflowing to others. Also, I’m deserving of it, because I am just as important and deserving as any other person on this planet. So right here, and now, I’m giving myself permission to use the power of thought again with the flow of being connected with all-that-is and allowing what I choose to come in to me.

To become truly free of those inaccurate thoughts I formed as a child, I’m going to use the Master Resonance TechniqueTM to clear those things out and reinforce these empowering understandings of the power of thought into my subconscious mind. WHEW! Huge Shift! Thank you Master Key Master Mind Alliance!

Today’s reading was the Master Key 15. It ended up making more sense to me than the first times that I read it for the Master Key Master Mind Alliance. In the 7 days that I previously read it, I had not gotten so I understood what the Master Key meant by applying the principle of insight to my life.

Mark J was right! This time, I read the Master Key again right before I sat for 15 minutes. I noticed it said knowledge does not apply itself, that it must be applied through conscious effort.
When I sat for the 15 minutes, it came to me that I had many times of insight – flashes of something coming in about to happen or a way to do something, but I missed it and only realized later that I had missed it along with the opportunity to apply it.

To apply what I know with conscious effort, I am now setting an intention to catch the insight that comes in and apply it in that moment. Being conscious and in tune with my thoughts will allow me to “catch” an insight when it comes in so I can choose to apply it. I may not always know how to apply it, but the first step–noticing every insight –will bring me that much closer to applying every insight.

What I’ve experienced this week reminds me of experiencing going to a higher elevation. Even when going up the mountain by car, there are symptoms to let a person know that they are in a place that is not the usual. It is sometimes a little harder to breathe & tiredness is common. After being at a certain elevation for a period of time, the body adapts, however, and it soon feels normal to be there.

When a person is actually climbing the mountain or a hill without the help of a vehicle, there is also the resistance to keeping on and the urge to stop. However, carefully looking to see how far up you’ve come and the anticipation of what you will see from the top of the mountain is motivation to continue to push through the resistance and continue to the top.

I spent a little too much time this week in the resistance part before I looked down to see where I’d come from and then where I’d gotten to with the help of the Master Mind Alliance. After a look down, and the thought of what’s at the top, I’m ready to continue climbing!! The Master Key Master Mind Alliance gives me many tools to rappel with, and I’m so thankful for that! I am adapting and it is now onward and upward!

MKMMA Week 10: The Magic of Focus!

Would you call it magic if you had your Home based Business taxes as done as they could be and it was only December 1 of that year? I call it magic, and that’s what I’ve accomplished!

In the Master Key we learned that focus and concentration imperative for every person who wants to be successful.

We’ve been learning focus in our daily Master Key Master Mind Alliance exercises we’re doing, and I’m happy to say it has carried over into other parts of my days in a most wonderful way! What’s interesting is that I’m not choosing with my mind to be focused and then doing it, I’m being focused and Then noticing that it’s happening!

It’s only week 10…I can’t wait to see what other almost automatic changes happen in my life. I’m beginning to understand what Mark J said about having more time because we’re investing our time in doing the MKMMA activities!

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