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Over the last 21 weeks, my reading in the Master Key System Hannel wrote has said in a myriad of ways how the power of thought is the key to everything. However, it seems that repetition has helped me to understand it more and more and on a deeper level! It is a principle so much at the core of our existence I have to wonder – why did I not know this already??? This more important than many things I learned in school.Power of Thought more important than anything I learned in school!
Hannel says: If we are oblivious to the power of thought we limit ourselves to superficial conditions and make ourselves a beast of burden for those who think; those who recognize their power; those who know that unless we are willing to think we shall have to work, and the less we think the more we shall have to work and the less we shall get from our work. This is profound! Herein lies the explanation for the success of those who are successful, and the drudgery of hard work for very little pay that is the lot of those who are choosing it by not thinking. It doesn’t take a whole lot of thinking to just do what we’re told; however, the one who thinks and tells a person what to do usually does much less work, and what work they do is much easier. Sometimes we hear it takes money to make money. I say it takes the power of thought to make money!

The Master Key System Hannel wrote also says this in week 20: This power of thought, if understood and correctly used, is the greatest labor-saving device ever dreamed of, but if not understood or improperly used, the result will in all probability be disastrous, as we have already seen.
I think many people, not knowing how it works have simply used the power of thought improperly. They have NO idea how powerful they are with just their thoughts! They have used it in the opposite way they would have wanted to but thinking negative thoughts and creating that into their life instead of what they wanted.
Although I really didn’t understand what I was doing, even as a child I now know that I had it figured out. When my grandma would come back from Texas after spending the winter there, she would always have gifts for all of us five girls. We all got a number, and in that order we got to choose the gift we wanted. I figured out that if I focused on the one that I wanted I got it every time!Power of Thought & Master Key System Hannel

That, my friend, is a child’s natural use of the power of thought!!!
So I already knew IT…I just somehow forgot it. I don’t think I would have realized it without the process of The Master Key Master Mind Alliance!  The process is as important or more important than the Master Key text.

Insight has been a coveted thing for me to have more of in the last several years, especially since I have been on my quest for personal empowerment.

Keeping commitment to self, I am continuing with the Master Key Mastermind Alliance practice of the 15 minute sit, the insight that came to me in my meditation today was that since I get what I focus upon, I can focus on those things I want more of by writing down the times when I have experienced those things or things that support them happening.

Here is what I mean: Since I love being on the beach, I will write down a list of all of the times I’ve been on the beach and read them often, rejoicing when I can add another one to the list! Since I love it when business is happening with such ease, with people calling ME, I will start a list of noticing when those things happen. The more I write them down, the more they will happen. Since I have a goal of a certain monthly income, I will now list every penny of what I receive in a month, knowing that since I’m focusing on what’s coming in and on the amount I want to have it will keep increasing until my desire is met because I am focusing on that which I am already receiving so I will be receiving more!

To make sure that I keep commitment to self,  I am adding to my service card that I write down ten things per day that I’m grateful for – and I will notice I have more things to be grateful for. Some of them will be about happiness and harmony, because noticing when I am happy and when there is harmony will give me more of those things. Action steps, applying the Master Key –very powerful! I’m focusing on what I want more of, and I’m already noticing that I have more of them!  I love keeping my promises to myself  – or better said, I love keeping commitment to self, because it certainly is increasing my personal empowerment!

Today’s reading was the Master Key 15. It ended up making more sense to me than the first times that I read it for the Master Key Master Mind Alliance. In the 7 days that I previously read it, I had not gotten so I understood what the Master Key meant by applying the principle of insight to my life.

Mark J was right! This time, I read the Master Key again right before I sat for 15 minutes. I noticed it said knowledge does not apply itself, that it must be applied through conscious effort.
When I sat for the 15 minutes, it came to me that I had many times of insight – flashes of something coming in about to happen or a way to do something, but I missed it and only realized later that I had missed it along with the opportunity to apply it.

To apply what I know with conscious effort, I am now setting an intention to catch the insight that comes in and apply it in that moment. Being conscious and in tune with my thoughts will allow me to “catch” an insight when it comes in so I can choose to apply it. I may not always know how to apply it, but the first step–noticing every insight –will bring me that much closer to applying every insight.

This week I found myself with many distractions. This week’s Master Key had much to say about concentration being very important, and this was a week I was finding the external demands on my time and mental capacities more than usual.

It was helpful for me to think about several things from the Master Key together:
Thought enables man to harness all other natural power; that vibration is the action of thought; and that vibrations of the mind are only secured when the mind is continuously concentrated in a given direction.

It became very clear to me that no matter what we have to do to concentrate on our desires it is a very necessary thing for our desires to manifest. I had a bit of a hard time continuously concentrating in that direction, and I knew that I must find a way to do so. So I recommitted to my promises to myself, and found that when I went back to doing that which I’d promised that there was even more power there and more feeling there – that was encouraging to me, because feeling, along with the desire and concentration is what is needed for me to be a vibrational match to what I desire so my desires will come in. That vibration is the action of my thoughts that I’m concentrating upon. That’s powerful to realize!

Onward, upward, keeping promises to myself!


In last week’s Master Key lesson in section 10 it said: In order to possess vitality, thought must be impregnated with love.

When I read this it was like a light shining on what I’d been told many times. I’d heard that when people do what they love the money follows, but I didn’t know there was science behind it! I just thought it was one of those things that happened for many people. So I just focused on doing what I knew would keep bringing in the money and not necessarily those things I loved to do.

I was also holding myself back from thinking about what I truly wanted, because maybe I couldn’t have them – But knowing the law of the universe is freeing me to Choose thoughts about what I want – those things that I love – and that will empower that thought and give it vitality, plain & simple. Sending the thought out from my heart with love – releasing it to the universe will empower it to manifest in my life. I’m affirming that I am getting better and better at thinking about what I love that I want in my life.
This is liberating, because now instead of only focusing on what will bring in the money I can focus also on doing what I love.

The Seven Laws of the Mind are powerful concepts and truths to be into practice.

If I had read only the heading of the information on the Law of Dual Thought, I’d have assumed it supported me in my desire to think I could think of two thoughts at once. However, as the Law of Substitution tells us, we cannot think about two things at once. Since learning the law of substitution, I’ve unfortunately had to reread many pages after ‘reading’ them while thinking of something else. Obviously I was only running my eyes over the words, not reading them! The awareness has served me to glean more out of the lessons of the Master Key because I wasn’t fooling myself that I actually read something when I’d only by going through the motions.

The Law of Dual Thought states that “Thought is a combination of ideation
and feeling. We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.” In thinking of this law, I realized that many times I attach a feeling to a thought without realizing it. Many times I wonder why I have this ‘ down’  or worried  feeling and have to page back into my thoughts to see where the feeling came from. Many times I find that the feeling I attached to the thought is actually incorrect or has been proven wrong…but somehow I was still experiencing the feeling.It’s also enlightening to realize how many times the feeling I attached to a thought could have just as easily been a positive feeling by choosing a different perception of what I thought.

As the Law of Growth states, what we think about grows. With the new awareness of feelings I attach to thoughts, I am setting the intention to purposely choose the feelings I attach to my thoughts. I can accomplish this by seeing and thinking about things from a principle-based point of view as we read about in Week 15 of the Master Key. This means seeing it through the filter of truth with a vision unclouded by any incorrect perceptions or untruths.

With all due respect to Og, I wanted to share a bit about tweaking the scrolls for even more empowering programming of the subconscious mind. There is much in scroll number three and four that very effectively gives us clarity on the pitfalls to watch for and things to avoid. However, as Mark J said, most people who have stopped reading the scrolls and didn’t finish them in the past stopped during scroll three. To me it was no wonder! There was much Og wrote that we need to be aware of, but very minimal positive to counteract the negative, making me feel repulsed when I did my reading– So I decided to tweak the scroll so I could continue.

I felt that after I’d become aware of those things NOT to do that I didn’t want to focus so much on them anymore – I wanted to focus more on what the positive statement in the opposite would be.

Since our subconscious mind does not hear the negatives contained in a sentence but focuses on the content this is very important. For example, in scroll number three  the book says: The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny. I simply marked that sentence out and did not read it, because this is what my subconscious mind would have heard: The slaughterhouse of failure is my destiny. The subby wouldn’t hear the word ‘not’, because it doesn’t hear a negative word! Instead of ‘I will never consider defeat’ I read ‘I think only of success’. There were other things I changed; you get the idea. Simply making a statement about what it is you want after you’ve read the very insightful but negative statement is often enough to very powerfully change the energy and resonance of your subconscious mind.

I really want to make sure you get this! To help you concretely understand this very important point I’m talking about, think about this scenario: Mom puts the cup of milk in front of Johnny and says, “ Don’t spill it.” Not much time at all goes by and little Johnny has spilled the milk! “Don’t fall!” And the child falls! I’m thankful I learned this before my children were very old, and I have to say unbelievable as it may be my kids never spilled a glass of ANYTHING that I can remember, because my words were “Keep the cup right side up”; and they never once fell down because I said “keep your balance and stay on your feet!” Neither my husband or I can ever remember putting a band aid on a skinned knee, arm or elbow. The proof is in the pudding—they are now 23 and 20!

Og obviously wrote this book before much of the research we have today about the subconscious mind was available. I’m thankful for this newer understanding that we can all use to make Og’s book even more powerful!

In the every day world as we know it, we exchange money for goods and services we need. Thinking about how this works also can help me understand how the universe works with regard to manifesting what it is that we want.

It could be said that the currency of the universe is our words, because we get what we talk about, which is why it is very important to speak about those things we appreciate and are grateful for in our lives. However, we don’t have to speak words for the universe to respond to that and interpret that as our desire. Our thoughts by themselves are enough to dip into the creative juices of the universe and activate it to send what we have thought about to us.

We all use the same currency whether we know it or not. Our thoughts are the currency of the universe, and it begins to send to us what we think about.

In the every day world as we know it, we often order something – we pay for it; then it is shipped to us. It is also the same with our thoughts. We send our thought as the payment and the universe begins to send that thing that we thought about to us. Not only is it sending it, it is also already ours. We have already paid for it with our thoughts. All we have to do when it comes is open the door and bring it in, or let it in.

Understanding that it is already mine when I pay with my thoughts has increased my faith, thereby putting me at the place of expecting and readiness to let it in when what I’ve ordered comes! Sometimes what we order comes within a few seconds. That’s why I appreciate the ‘mental diet’ – I like more of the things that arrive moment by moment! Some of the things are being ‘shipped’ from farther away so it is taking a bit longer for them to arrive, and that’s ok. They’re still mine.

MKMMA Week 10: The Magic of Focus!

Would you call it magic if you had your Home based Business taxes as done as they could be and it was only December 1 of that year? I call it magic, and that’s what I’ve accomplished!

In the Master Key we learned that focus and concentration imperative for every person who wants to be successful.

We’ve been learning focus in our daily Master Key Master Mind Alliance exercises we’re doing, and I’m happy to say it has carried over into other parts of my days in a most wonderful way! What’s interesting is that I’m not choosing with my mind to be focused and then doing it, I’m being focused and Then noticing that it’s happening!

It’s only week 10…I can’t wait to see what other almost automatic changes happen in my life. I’m beginning to understand what Mark J said about having more time because we’re investing our time in doing the MKMMA activities!

Week 1 MKMMA: New Twist On ….

This week as I began my journey with the Master Key Master Mind Group, I realized integrity was meaning something more to me than it had in the past. I always held myself to high standards of integrity in my dealings with other people; sometimes even to the point of fault – that would keep me from sharing something that I knew was great, but I didn’t share it because it wasn’t “perfect” in my perception. However, I was somewhat careless in having integrity in the things that only affected myself.

My realization and my new perception of integrity goes back to the homework we did as part of the requirement to get into the Master Mind Alliance. World’s Laziest Networker (Mark J) told us to make a to-do list that was different than what we usually did. This list was to only have three things on it, and two of them were to be things we already KNEW we were going to do. The third one was something else we were committing to do. Why? Because this was our opportunity to train our subconscious mind that our to-do list wasn’t optional – it was going to get done! He WAS right – my to-do list was optional in my mind – and I hadn’t even realized it!! If I didn’t get it all done, I would just say to myself that I would do it tomorrow.

Fast forward to last night, when I still had some of the things I promised to do as a part of the MKMMA left undone, and it seemed that I was exceptionally tired. Since I had integrated the MKMMA activities into my to-do list, I began to go back to my old habit of ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ but then came to a screeching halt when the to-do list exercise came to mind. This wasn’t just my old to-do list that I was talking about; this was something that I’d committed to do, and if I didn’t, I would be out of integrity. So I went and got a drink, had an energy shake, and with my newfound energy and purpose, I did the two things I had left!!! I also took my walk – something I’d promised myself I’d do.

Yes, I was in integrity then, with the people in my Master Mind Alliance – I had done what I said I’d do. But here’s the new twist, which will be very empowering to me in the future. Completing my list had also made me in integrity with MYSELF! My focus had always been on being in complete integrity with others – but as with my to-do list if there were things that seemed like they would only affect me and no one else, I would skim over them or not do them and never think anything about it!! That was not being in integrity to myself, nor was it building my self-esteem, my personal power or anything else. In order to be of service to others (which is my desire) then I must stay in integrity not just to others, but to myself foremost. Not only did I do the two things for the MKMMA, but I also took that walk! ( I love walking under the stars!) It was talking care of ME, and that I must do if I am to be of service to others. Thank you Mark J, for helping me find my brakes and clearing my vision! Integrity with myself – as well as with others – will go with me into the future.

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