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The Master Key Mastermind AllianceMKMMA – included us reading The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. It obviously went right into my subconscious mind with the special technique we used in reading it, because I “got it” so effectively that I’m now using it in my coaching!

It was a very cool thing today when I realized that what I’d been teaching to one of the people on my team yesterday was indeed a directly result of my being in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance!  My own personal growth and development has spilled over to another, and the result was very exciting!

The tip I gave:  When you are talking to a person who you hope will be interested in what you have to offer, say to them silently first:  “I love you”  master key mastermind allianceThe response of the one I was coaching after a bit was that it changed the way she felt completely!

Offering what she had felt so much more flowing and natural, knowing that because she loved them she was offering something to them.

Master Key master Mind AllianceLife really is all about offering as a gift to others what we are, and what we see as valuable for their benefit.  It feels wonderful to prospect from that place of caring for others!  That’s what I’ve always done, BUT I didn’t know that’s what others on my team were missing so I wasn’t teaching it (until now! )

It is also SO rewarding for me to realize that the MKMMA subconscious reprogramming has enhanced my coaching and leadership abilities in such a way that my team can be helped tremendously by it.  There is great GRATITUDE in my heart!

MKMMA Week 24

Have you ever gotten a raisin cookie that you thought was a chocolate chip cookie? Bleh! It might as well have been a green nasty cookie! law of attraction tips, laws of the mind
This week I was thinking again of the laws of the mind, particularly the law of substitution. Have you noticed how similar a raisin cookie looks to a chocolate chip cookie? The dough is about the same, and the color of the blobs in the cookie are about the same, but it tastes completely different!
How does this relate to laws of the mind? Well, have you ever noticed how you can ‘know you’re thinking of what you want….but low and behold you realize that you’re really thinking about what you DON’T want? I remember hoping I wouldn’t get a raisin cookie, and then getting a raisin cookie. I thought I was thinking I wanted a chocolate chip cookie, but instead I was focusing on the raisin cookie. Yes, I was thinking of not wanting it, but because I was thinking of it that’s what I got. Awareness of what I was thinking about would have given me the opportunity to use the law of substitution, but back then I didn’t know it.laws of the mind, law of attraction tips
This is a very useful law of attraction tip! Our subconscious mind pays no attention to whether we want what we’re thinking about or not. It simply puts into action the attraction of what we’re thinking of, whether we want it or not. Our subconscious mind does not notice any negative words – words like don’t, can’t—it simply knows we’re thinking of something and begins to do what it takes to include it in our experience.
Why did I get a raisin cookie? Because I was afraid I’d get one! In that instance, if I had known the laws of the mind I could have used the law of substitution. With awareness that I didn’t want a raisin cookie and I was thinking about not wanting it, I could have chosen in that moment to substitute the thought of wanting a chocolate chip cookie. Then I would have been attracted to choosing the right cookie – the chocolate chip one! We can use this law of attraction tip in creating our every day experience if we remember to notice when we are thinking of what we don’t want and then substitute what we do want to experience into our thought so that we can have that. I have proven this MANY times since becoming aware and thinking only about what I want!

In the every day world as we know it, we exchange money for goods and services we need. Thinking about how this works also can help me understand how the universe works with regard to manifesting what it is that we want.

It could be said that the currency of the universe is our words, because we get what we talk about, which is why it is very important to speak about those things we appreciate and are grateful for in our lives. However, we don’t have to speak words for the universe to respond to that and interpret that as our desire. Our thoughts by themselves are enough to dip into the creative juices of the universe and activate it to send what we have thought about to us.

We all use the same currency whether we know it or not. Our thoughts are the currency of the universe, and it begins to send to us what we think about.

In the every day world as we know it, we often order something – we pay for it; then it is shipped to us. It is also the same with our thoughts. We send our thought as the payment and the universe begins to send that thing that we thought about to us. Not only is it sending it, it is also already ours. We have already paid for it with our thoughts. All we have to do when it comes is open the door and bring it in, or let it in.

Understanding that it is already mine when I pay with my thoughts has increased my faith, thereby putting me at the place of expecting and readiness to let it in when what I’ve ordered comes! Sometimes what we order comes within a few seconds. That’s why I appreciate the ‘mental diet’ – I like more of the things that arrive moment by moment! Some of the things are being ‘shipped’ from farther away so it is taking a bit longer for them to arrive, and that’s ok. They’re still mine.

What I’ve experienced this week reminds me of experiencing going to a higher elevation. Even when going up the mountain by car, there are symptoms to let a person know that they are in a place that is not the usual. It is sometimes a little harder to breathe & tiredness is common. After being at a certain elevation for a period of time, the body adapts, however, and it soon feels normal to be there.

When a person is actually climbing the mountain or a hill without the help of a vehicle, there is also the resistance to keeping on and the urge to stop. However, carefully looking to see how far up you’ve come and the anticipation of what you will see from the top of the mountain is motivation to continue to push through the resistance and continue to the top.

I spent a little too much time this week in the resistance part before I looked down to see where I’d come from and then where I’d gotten to with the help of the Master Mind Alliance. After a look down, and the thought of what’s at the top, I’m ready to continue climbing!! The Master Key Master Mind Alliance gives me many tools to rappel with, and I’m so thankful for that! I am adapting and it is now onward and upward!

Today during my practice of focusing, I had a thrill when I realized that I was experiencing the same pulsing back and forth in the frontal lobes of my brain that I experienced when I was using the Holosync Technology! It was a thrill, because it told me that I was actually focusing enough that it was giving me the benefit of meditation! With the Holosync, I received the benefits of meditation without having to spend the time actually getting to the point of meditation and that was great. However, as I proceed from here, I will be very interested to experience more –
maybe what I missed by taking a short cut in meditation???! I’m not really sure, but I will find out! Will I be able to go deeper? I’m getting the sense that I am also going to be able to achieve actually visualizing in pictures! As of now, I’ve never been able to visualize, and I’ve always wanted and wanted and wanted to do that! I know visualization is very powerful for creating success. ..I’ve just never been able to do it. I’ve always wanted to be able to….will I be able to? I sure hope so! I’ll let you know!

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