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It’s been awhile since I wrote anything here, because I’ve been busy implementing and integrating the things I learned in the MKMMA course into my life and business! This has come with great rewards too. It’s all about the secret power of the mind. Being a personal growth development coach is one the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, because it impacts every facet of a person’s life and business.
It has been like popcorn popping in my life – new insights and new opportunities to help others be successful! subconscious reprogramming

Because of a process we went through in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, I know that helping others is one of my core values and desires. The most important thing to me – the thing that makes me feel fulfilled in my life is helping others. I love the results of the power of thought and  subconscious reprogramming. When I’m able to be the personal growth development coach – when I’m helping others be successful, helping others have a better life (whether it be with their health, a suggestion, expanding their income or their success) my life makes me sing!
I’m so thankful for the Master Key System Haanel wrote, and for the experience of the MKMMA (Master Key Master Mind Alliance). It has surely changed my life and business, expanding into the future!

MKMMA Week 23

Something I read in the Week 21 Master Key has kept tugging at my mind, so I went back to read it today. It describes negative thought; what it is, and what it does in a very enlightening way. The following is paraphrased: Negative thought is the same as passive thought, and passive thought is dominated by appearances. Here’s what I found so interesting—that something as harmless as being passive could be termed as a negative thought and destructive thought! Power of Thought Positive Mental Attitude

Passively thinking about things as they appear seems very harmless, but it is obvious that’s not right at all. Instead, it creates more of that which we are focusing on- that which we already have, and thereby makes it impossible for a person to have that which they are wanting, and impossible for them to use the power of thought and a positive mental attitude to their advantage.
Another example of passive thought is day dreaming, which for me often turns into thinking about something I’m worried about or the things as they appear. I’ve been more conscious of that the last days, because I was doing my 15 minutes of silence sitting up in bed in the morning before I got up so I would make sure it would happen. However, it is much harder to make sure my thoughts don’t wander when I’m just waking up. The lessons we had early in the Master Key System Haanel wrote on holding our thought on one thing during our time was well warranted and I understand even more now why it is so important. By making sure I only entertain thoughts I choose on purpose, I can use the power of thought and a positive mental attitude to create what I desire. Being in awareness – catchingCreate Success, Positive Mental Attitude
myself  if  I’m passively thinking about something I don’t want is very important! I can then
choose to focus on the things I want instead. I can literally put walking feet on my brain
& what I think about!

In summary, passive thought is not harmless, and choosing in each moment what we think about is the thing we must do to create what we want with the power of thought and a positive mental attitude. I’m so grateful for this clear understanding of how important this is. It will keep me on task to catch myself and switch my thoughts to those that create success!

At the end of my last post, I explained how I inherently knew how to use the power of thought as a child and exactly how I used it. Since I wrote that, I’ve wondered – why did I forget it? Why didn’t I continue to use it? Then I began to remember some of the feelings I had after getting what I wanted. My understanding of this is now creating a HUGE SHIFT for me!!!!!!
When I would succeed again at getting the gift I wanted or winning the game as I wanted– here’s how I remember feeling: GUILTY!  Power of Thought, MKMMA



Guilty because I got just what I wanted, and I should not always get what I wanted. I don’t know where I got that, unless I was told I didn’t always need to have what I wanted… So then I felt undeserving of having what I wanted.
Here is what made me ‘forget’ the power of thought: Here I am now, as an adult,understanding what then took place. Of course I didn’t want to feel guilty, so to take care of that problem I probably decided that I simply couldn’t have what I wanted. Also, when I felt undeserving of having what I wanted, and guilty because I was getting it, I must have subconsciously decided to stop using the power of thought! I didn’t know I decided not to use it, I just did. How did I do that? Just now, I realized that I decided not to think about what I wanted—not to know even what I wanted – not choose what I wanted. I had to protect myself from getting what I wanted, and that did the trick! This explains to me WHY even to t his day it has been a huge struggle for me to decide what I want!! Tears are coming to my eyes now even as I write, because I am unlocking the padlock from my own prison cell of not knowing what I want :*)!!

Power of thought MKMMA

OK, so here it is. It is safe for me to want something and choose it, because as opposed to being guilty when I create the life I want, I am a full-functioning prosperous person in society with a heart that cares for others.Power of Thought, Master Key System
I can care more for others and help them when I’m prosperous and have those things I want and enjoy…overflowing to others. Also, I’m deserving of it, because I am just as important and deserving as any other person on this planet. So right here, and now, I’m giving myself permission to use the power of thought again with the flow of being connected with all-that-is and allowing what I choose to come in to me.

To become truly free of those inaccurate thoughts I formed as a child, I’m going to use the Master Resonance TechniqueTM to clear those things out and reinforce these empowering understandings of the power of thought into my subconscious mind. WHEW! Huge Shift! Thank you Master Key Master Mind Alliance!

Over the last 21 weeks, my reading in the Master Key System Hannel wrote has said in a myriad of ways how the power of thought is the key to everything. However, it seems that repetition has helped me to understand it more and more and on a deeper level! It is a principle so much at the core of our existence I have to wonder – why did I not know this already??? This more important than many things I learned in school.Power of Thought more important than anything I learned in school!
Hannel says: If we are oblivious to the power of thought we limit ourselves to superficial conditions and make ourselves a beast of burden for those who think; those who recognize their power; those who know that unless we are willing to think we shall have to work, and the less we think the more we shall have to work and the less we shall get from our work. This is profound! Herein lies the explanation for the success of those who are successful, and the drudgery of hard work for very little pay that is the lot of those who are choosing it by not thinking. It doesn’t take a whole lot of thinking to just do what we’re told; however, the one who thinks and tells a person what to do usually does much less work, and what work they do is much easier. Sometimes we hear it takes money to make money. I say it takes the power of thought to make money!

The Master Key System Hannel wrote also says this in week 20: This power of thought, if understood and correctly used, is the greatest labor-saving device ever dreamed of, but if not understood or improperly used, the result will in all probability be disastrous, as we have already seen.
I think many people, not knowing how it works have simply used the power of thought improperly. They have NO idea how powerful they are with just their thoughts! They have used it in the opposite way they would have wanted to but thinking negative thoughts and creating that into their life instead of what they wanted.
Although I really didn’t understand what I was doing, even as a child I now know that I had it figured out. When my grandma would come back from Texas after spending the winter there, she would always have gifts for all of us five girls. We all got a number, and in that order we got to choose the gift we wanted. I figured out that if I focused on the one that I wanted I got it every time!Power of Thought & Master Key System Hannel

That, my friend, is a child’s natural use of the power of thought!!!
So I already knew IT…I just somehow forgot it. I don’t think I would have realized it without the process of The Master Key Master Mind Alliance!  The process is as important or more important than the Master Key text.

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