The Seven Laws of the Mind are powerful concepts and truths to be into practice.

If I had read only the heading of the information on the Law of Dual Thought, I’d have assumed it supported me in my desire to think I could think of two thoughts at once. However, as the Law of Substitution tells us, we cannot think about two things at once. Since learning the law of substitution, I’ve unfortunately had to reread many pages after ‘reading’ them while thinking of something else. Obviously I was only running my eyes over the words, not reading them! The awareness has served me to glean more out of the lessons of the Master Key because I wasn’t fooling myself that I actually read something when I’d only by going through the motions.

The Law of Dual Thought states that “Thought is a combination of ideation
and feeling. We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.” In thinking of this law, I realized that many times I attach a feeling to a thought without realizing it. Many times I wonder why I have this ‘ down’  or worried  feeling and have to page back into my thoughts to see where the feeling came from. Many times I find that the feeling I attached to the thought is actually incorrect or has been proven wrong…but somehow I was still experiencing the feeling.It’s also enlightening to realize how many times the feeling I attached to a thought could have just as easily been a positive feeling by choosing a different perception of what I thought.

As the Law of Growth states, what we think about grows. With the new awareness of feelings I attach to thoughts, I am setting the intention to purposely choose the feelings I attach to my thoughts. I can accomplish this by seeing and thinking about things from a principle-based point of view as we read about in Week 15 of the Master Key. This means seeing it through the filter of truth with a vision unclouded by any incorrect perceptions or untruths.