Last week I wrote about resistance being the greatest clue that what we are resisting is actually what will move us ahead the fastest in our endeavors and personal development.
This week as I was trying to be more conscious about if there was any resistance, I was reminded of the question we were to start asking ourselves a few weeks ago in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA): “What am I pretending not to know?” I never got much meaning out of that question before, but as I was trying to be more conscious about whether I was resisting something or not (so I could purposely choose to do that thing if I was resisting it) that question took on more meaning. I have been saying this version of that question to myself: “What am I pretending not to notice?” and “What am I resisting?” Before last week I was pretending not to notice what I was resisting.
I feel more flow now since I’ve been purposefully choosing to do what I briefly resisted. Briefly is the key word here…being on the alert and noticing quickly the resistance and then acting instead of continuing to resist has been a great exercise for me. Resisting certainly would slow a person down, but I’m hopping onto the fast track of no resistance!